The Bayside, south-east suburbs, and Mornington peninsula.

The roof can be leaking for a number of reasons: There bould be a broken tile, incorrect roof flashing was installed or the silicon sealant could have broken down from exposure.

A site visit is required to determine the scope and size of the work and how long it will take. Booking dates can be discussed with the sales manager after that.

It depends on the condition of the roof and the compliance of the installation. These two factors will determine whether the roof needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired. Our sales technician will be able to provide this information after a site visit.

Flashing is an important material used in roofing that disperses water from the roof sheets into the guttering system and drainage pipes.

There are many tell-tale signs your roof needs attention. Look for cracked tiles, brown or orange stains on your metal roof which could be surface rust, holes in your gutters or downpipes, tiles that have fallen off, your roof looking sagged in some spots, nails or screws popping out, or continuous water leaks that cannot be repaired.

We offer a range of roof replacement options. The most common being Colorbond corrugated and Colorbond Kliplok (flat roofs). We also offer a range of polycarbonate, standing seam, nail strip and interlock replacement options.

The duration of a project is determined by its size, site accessibility, and how much safety equipment is needed.

Yes! Here at HK Roofing, we frame the skylight inside. We also plaster/stop up the internal of the skylight and the external installation on the tile or metal roof

It depends on the materials used. Colorbond has a 36-year manufacturer's guarantee on their roofing products. If you live in a beach zone, the manufacturer's guarantee can shorten. If you are within 500 m of a beach front, that can mean a shorter guarantee of 10 years. Architectural Metals Australia issues an installation guarantee based on the location of your project. These can go up to 40 years!

We offer many services like : metal cladding, metal roofing, skylights, gutter repairs/replacements, gutter guard installs, minor tile repairs, re-bedding/re-mortaring, skylight repairs, light commercial projects, renovations, roof replacements, new roofs, heritage roofs, custom skylights, dome skylights, exhaust fans (above-roof), and leak repairs.