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Working at HK Roofing is to work for a trades business that is trying to challenge the norms in the way workers treat each other. We believe that a safe and supportive working environment will lead to more satisfied and happy workers and ultimately, better quality final products for customers.

We want people that work for HK to feel as though they are contributing to the growth of the company and that the company is contributing towards the goals of their people. We believe in structuring incentive & training plans to centre around the goals of the individual, and to provide complete transparency in the operations and running of the company. This is in the interest of up-skilling the team and giving employees the autonomy to be creative in how they shape and organise their individual progress.

HK Roofing wants to create a place where people can express themselves, create a safe space for people to come to work and achieve the goals they aspire towards.

What we promise for everyone that works for HK Roofing, in any role:

  • Safe & inclusive working environment
  • Job management training
  • Commitment to work with you regularly on your personal and professional development
  • Work-life balance flexibility. A belief that you should prioritise your personal life as well as work life.


We are determined to create a supportive and safe space for all and any groups of people who are interested in contributing to the type of work we do. We believe that being outdoors, working with your hands and building shelter is a healthy activity which can lead to more positive lives. We would like to expand this opportunity to all people.

Experienced Tradespeople

For experienced tradespeople, we are interested in setting up an employment model that is designed to propel you towards the goals that you have.

We are always hiring experienced Roof Plumbers & Cladding installers. If you are an experienced tradesperson wanting to pick up these skills, we are happy to up skill people that are aligned with our values.

You may want to:

  • make more money to save towards a goal
  • learn the skills to run your own business
  • be left alone to focus on your craft

Whatever you are looking for, we will tailor the business relationship to support you in your style of work.

Office & Staff Support

HK Roofing is looking for innovative and creative individuals that want to support their team and customers to succeed. We want to create a safe space on work sites and deliver jobs that are interesting and rewarding, while helping you learning new skills.

Types of jobs:

  • Administration
  • Accounts & finances
  • Operations manager
  • Cultural innovator (HR)

New Apprentices

We are breaking the mould of treating apprentices like they are at the bottom of the heap. We believe in ground up leadership and we’re here to serve our people to learn new skills and contribute positively to their lives.

We expect an open minded and can-do attitude & in return will give you kindness, compassion and support towards your goals.

  • Opportunity to learn a variety of skills, roofing products, cladding products, safety course, plant & machinery training
  • Certifications, cert 3 plumbing
  • White card
  • Opportunity to grow in a company into a tradesperson – our commitment to you